Fall 1990: Princess Ida


It is surprising that Princess Ida never achieved the same popularity as the stars of the G&S firmament — Mikado, Pinafore, etc. Sullivan's score for Ida is unquestionably one of his best, while Gilbert's "respectful perversion" of Tennyson's Princess, in blank verse, is predictably witty and unexpectedly dramatic. We hope that this, our first production of Princess Ida, will make it a favorite of yours.

Director: Byron Wilmot
Music Director: Beverly Hess
Producer: Bob Weeks


King Hildebrand
Jimmie B Lobaugh
Hilarion, Hildebrand's son
Ron Herman
Cyril, Hilarion's friend
Brad Gundlach
Florian, Hilarion's friend
Scot Zaffora-Reeder
King Gama
Bill Hammond
Arac, Gama's son
Brian Smith
Guron, Gama's son
John McCrank
Scynthius, Gama's son
David Schafer
Princess Ida, Gama's daughter
Elizabeth Blades-Zeller
Lady Blanche, Professor of Abstract Science
Allyn Van Dusen
Lady Psyche, Professor of Humanities
Anne Virgil
Melissa, Lady Blanche's daughter
Sarah Zaffora-Reeder
Sacharissa, a student at Castle Adamant
Barbara A. Dick
Chloe, a student at Castle Adamant
Kimberly Stefani
Ada, a student at Castle Adamant
Patti Anne Montrois


Sheila Ambush, Ted Benedict, Terry Benedict, Beth Bennett, Donna M. Bigger, Bill Brewer, Fran Carlisi-Paxson, Peter Dunbar, John A. Ejaife, Alan Evans, Julia Ferreira, Nancy Galletto, Pamela Good, Jordu Kelly-Sutliff, Molly Moore, David Raymond, Bob Weeks, Peter L. Zavon


House Manager
Marcy Finkel-Long
Set Designer
Byron Wilmot
Costume Managers
Julia Ferreira, Sarah Freeman, Molly Moore
Lighting Designers
Michele Denber, David Smith
David Schafer
Program Design
Mary Housel-Sutherland

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