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Patience 2010

Our show runs are generally the first two weekends of May and the first two weekends of November. In 2012, we added the "winter plays" — short plays by W.S. Gilbert or Sir Arthur Sullivan (singly), or their contemporaries — which we put on for two weekends in January. All shows are usually performed at Downtown United Presbyterian Church, 121 N. Fitzhugh Street, near City Hall. We have ample parking, and security personnel on hand to help you park and find your way inside should you need assistance.

Attending an Off-Monroe Players' show is easy - both on you and your pocketbook!

Speaking of the family, Off-Monroe Players' shows are all family-friendly: light-hearted, funny, just-dramatic-enough, full of beautiful music, and the guy always gets the girl at the end. (The Victorians proved that a show could be both riveting and diverting without a single bad word or questionable activity.)

And unlike other free things where you get what you pay for... we guarantee you will be impressed at the quality of the singing, acting, and costumes in any Off-Monroe Players' performance you attend. Come see a show and see for yourself!

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