Bob Osgood

OMP Toaster Award Recipient: 2015

OMP Credits

The Yeomen of the Guard (Spring 2015)
Set Design
The Sorcerer (Fall 2014)
Set Construction
Ruddigore (Spring 2014)
Set Construction
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd
Utopia, Limited (Spring 2013)
Set Design
Set Construction
The Gondoliers (Fall 2012)
Set Construction
The Mikado (Fall 2011)
Set Construction
Iolanthe (Spring 2011)
The Grand Duke (Fall 2010)
Assistant Director
Patience (Spring 2010)
Archibald Grosvenor, An Idyllic Poet
Trial by Judy (Fall 2009)
The Zoo (Fall 2009)
Thomas Brown (the Duke of Islington)
H.M.S. Pinafore (Fall 2008)
Captain Edward Corcoran, RN
The Sorcerer (Fall 2007)
Dr. Daly (Vicar of Poverleigh)
Hot Mikado (Spring 2007)
Bob in The Sorcerer 2007 — 'Dr. Daly', with Holly Thérèse Corcoran — 'Aline' Bob in HMS Pinafore 2008 — 'Captain Corcoran', with Kathy Manners — 'Buttercup' Bob in The Zoo 2009 — 'Thomas Brown'
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