Spring 2013: Utopia, Limited


King Paramount of the south seas island of Utopia decides that his people should adopt all English customs and institutions, but he goes a bit overboard and decrees that the kingdom and each of its inhabitants should become a "company limited" based on the English "companies act" of 1862. The king's daughter, Princess Zara, brings six "flowers of progress" from England to train the Utopian people in "English" customs. But the reforms are too successful, which upsets the judges of the Utopian Supreme Court, the "Public Exploder" and ultimately the entire populace, which revolts against them. Zara realises that an essential element has been forgotten, namely "government by party". Introduce that and the result would be "general and unexampled prosperity".

Directors: David Odgers, Bob Osgood
Music Director: Marcia Sheremeta
Choreography: Cady Walker
Producers: Larissa Myhowych, Michael Peterson, Tae Smith, Sharon Walker, Greg Wright
Designer: Sarajane Fondiller


Scaphio, a Utopian Judge
Tracy Burdick
Mr. Blushington (of the County Council)
Mark Figura
Phantis, a Utopian Judge
Christopher Garver
Captain Fitzbattleaxe
Tamar Greene
Lord Dramaleigh, a British Lord Chamberlain
Kurt Griffen
The Princess Nekaya
Laura Isabella
Tarara, the Public Exploder
Don Kelley
Captain Sir Edward Corcoran, K.C.B.
Schuyler Kelley
The Lady Sophy, English Gouvernante
Helen Moore
The Princess Zara
Robin Morris-Gaylord
Larissa Myhowych
Jennifer Nicholson
Mr. Goldbury (a Company Promoter)
Charles Palella
Sir Bailey Barre, Q.C., M.P.
Michael Peterson
Lori Romaniw
Calynx, the Utopian Vice-Chamberlain
Laurel Schneiderman
The Princess Kalyba
Kathryn Wright
King Paramount
Albert Young Jr.


Linda Allen, Terry Benedict, Jesse Burdick-Pless, Anthony Depape, Nancy Galletto, Audrone Gecas, Bill Hammond, Gail Harmston, George Harmston, Ellen Karnisky, Forrest Kelley, Marshall Kelley, Tamara Kelley, Corinne Land, Zachary Laurin, Christi Marriott, Maureen Odgers, Naomi Pless, Martin Schneiderman, Mamie Smith, Cady Walker, Sharon Walker


Paul Towsley
Stephen Lurie
Donna Mero
Alison Currie
Marcia Sheremeta
Kathleen Holt
Donna Mero
John Currie
Michelle Kellaway


Mark Figura, Gail Harmston, George Harmston, Zachary Laurin
Set Designers
George Harmston, Bob Osgood
Set Construction
Tracy Burdick, Jesse Burdick-Pless, Mark Figura, Christopher Garver, Bill Hammond, Gail Harmston, George Harmston, Laura Isabella, Don Kelley, Forrest Kelley, Marshall Kelley, Schuyler Kelley, Zachary Laurin, Christi Marriott, Helen Moore, David Odgers, Bob Osgood, Zach Osgood, Lori Romaniw, Mamie Smith, Tae Smith, Albert Young Jr.
Costume Managers
Penny Fram, Byron Wilmot
Costume Construction
Gail Harmston, Marshall Kelley, Maureen Odgers, Maggie Smith, Nora Smith
Lighting Designer
David Odgers
Lighting Operators
Don Kelley, Marshall Kelley, Schuyler Kelley, David Raymond
Penny Fram, Forrest Kelley, Mamie Smith, Byron Wilmot
Marty Nott, David Odgers
Robin Morris-Gaylord, Michael Peterson
Program Design
Mark Figura, Robin Morris-Gaylord, Mary Osgood
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