Beth Holliday

OMP Credits

The Pirates of Penzance (Fall 2000)
The Mikado (Spring 2000)
The Sorcerer (Fall 1999)
Aline Sangazure
Ruddigore (Spring 1999)
Zorah (Professional Bridesmaid)
Utopia, Limited (Fall 1998)
The Lady Sophy, English Gouvernante
The Gondoliers (Spring 1998)
Princess Ida (Fall 1997)
Ada, a student at Castle Adamant
H.M.S. Pinafore (Spring 1997)
Hebe, Sir Joseph's Cousin
Beth in The Sorcerer 1999 — 'Aline', with Ronald S. Herman — 'Alexis' Beth in HMS Pinafore 1997 — 'Hebe', with Brad Peloquin — 'Ralph' and Suzanna Adams — 'Josephine' Beth in Utopia, Limited 1998 — 'Lady Sophy' Beth in The Gondoliers 1998 — 'Giulia' Beth in The Pirates of Penzance 2000 — 'Kate', with David Holliday — 'Sergeant'
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