Spring 1999: Ruddigore


The "Melodrama" conjures up many images, from swooning underfed damsels to mustache twirling villains. I came to this type of theatre more influenced by Dudley Do-Right than historical performance practice. I think what Gilbert did in "sending up" the sentimental melodrama of his day was the same thing Jay Ward did with Dudley Do-Right. Both took standard characters, situations and plots, added verbal humor, and turned the whole business upside down.

I hope to provide an entertainment similar to the Gay 90's music hall. I wasn't there, but my idea was to provide an interactive production with lots of hissing and booing and of course laughs. Here's hoping that you all find this "90's" entertainment enjoyable.

As I started writing these notes, news of the passing of my teacher and mentor in theatre reached me. Her name was Alice Austin and she convinced me to attend SUNY Geneseo, study theatre, and keep working at it because "it will never be finished". Twenty years after my classes with Miss Austin, I am still "working at it". I would like to dedicate my efforts to her memory.

Director: Brian Smith
Music Director: Robert Blake
Assistant Music Director: Joel Hume


Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd (Robin Oakapple)
Patrick Adams
Richard Dauntless
Joel Hume
Sir Despard Murgatroyd of Ruddigore
David Brown
Old Adam Goodheart
Ted Benedict
Rose Maybud (A Village Maiden)
Susanna Adams
Mad Margaret
Kimberly McConnell
Dame Hannah
Tracy Paradis
Zorah (Professional Bridesmaid)
Beth Holliday
Ruth (Professional Bridesmaid)
Laurel Schneiderman
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd
Hugh Brodsky


Terry Badger, Josette Battisti, Terry Benedict, Tracy Burdick, Alison Champion, Lilah Crews-Pless, Peter Dunbar, Julia Ferreira, Judit Fulop-Blackburn, Stephen Gullo, Bill Hammond, David Holliday, Anna Jablonski, Jad Jordan, Jordu Kelly-Sutliff, Wendi Minier, Kathy Moore, Sam Nelson, David Odgers, Jean Gordon Ryon, David Schafer


House Manager
Patti Anne Montrois
Stage Manager
Amanda Lobaugh
Set Designer
Kathy Moore
Set Construction
Tracy Burdick, David Schafer
Costume Manager
Maryanne Lettis
Lighting Designer
Michele Denber
Lighting Operator
Elizabeth Blake
Program Design
Jad Jordan

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