Spring 1983: Ruddigore


In the town of Rederring, a corps of bridesmaids is lamenting the lack of marriages occurring. While there are plenty of potential candidates, they all have their own reasons for remaining unwed. One of these women, Rose, would be willing to marry Robin Oakapple, but he is too shy to ask her. It turns out that Robin is really Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd in disguise. For Ruthven has been cursed. Thinking his older brother is dead, Sir Despard Murgatroyd has taken the curse upon himself. Meanwhile, Robin (Ruthven) asks his half-brother, Richard Dauntless, to express Robin's feelings for Rose. Instead, upon witnessing her beauty, Richard asks Rose to marry him. After Robin helps convince Rose not to marry Richard, Richard tips Despard off that he doesn't really have the curse. After losing his disguise, ghosts become angry with Ruthven for not committing heinous enough crimes. Eventually though, a solution is found and everyone happily falls in love.

Director: Terry Benedict
Music Director: Gae Britt
Producer: Kimberly McConnell


Zorah (Professional Bridesmaid)
Melissa A. Skiver
Ruth (Professional Bridesmaid)
Rebecca Colvin
Dame Hannah
Rosemary Mandery
Rose Maybud (A Village Maiden)
Anne Virgil
Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd (Robin Oakapple)
Jeff Tomkinson
Old Adam Goodheart
Michael Bellavia
Richard Dauntless
George Maloney
Mad Margaret
Kimberly McConnell
Sir Despard Murgatroyd of Ruddigore
Chris Brown
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd
John Arden-Hopkins


Christina Arden, John Arden-Hopkins, Maureen Barry, Terry Benedict, Barbara Dorn, Alicia Doty, James Edwards, Kathy Eldredge, Bill Hammond, Freddi Macek, Patti Anne Montrois, Dianne Moss, William Muench, Allyson Pilcher, Julia Salter, Linda Siembor, Melissa A. Skiver, Elizabeth Taylor-Willems, Judy Tomkinson, Robert Tryka, Scot Zaffora-Reeder


Special Effects
Maureen Barry, Allyson Pilcher, Julia Salter
Costume Manager
Julia Salter
John Arden-Hopkins
Program Design
Sarah Freeman

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