Spring 1986: Tall in the Saddle (Children's Theatre)


The evil villain Brock Porter wins a great deal of money from Martha Marple's father in a card game. Brock tells Martha Marple that he will collect the debt by taking away her father's store unless she marries him. Martha refuses, but doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, brock's evil helpers, Bandito and Muggs, are trying to rob the bank and Rosie, the saloon keeper, is waiting for the Swedish Nightengale to come to town.

Enter Rufus Plumbob, the smart and brave old prospector and his trusty mule, Clemetine. They have come to town to see the Swedish Nightingale. Rufus meets Isadore, the rather boring librarian, who confesses that he loves Martha Marple who doesn't even know he exists. Then Isadore talks with Martha who says she hopes some "Strange Rider" will come to town and save her. Then the sweet lady, Gladys Gladabout, is robbed of her kumquats and quinces, and Sheriff Goetzem and his deputy, Horseshoe, try to solve the mystery.

When the stagecoach rolls into town with the Swedish Nightingale, there is another passenger on board. Can you guess who it is? Brock is in for trouble now.

Director: Kathy Palokoff
Music Director: Rob Edwardsen
Producer: Maureen Barry


Martha Marple (the heroine)
Kathleen Barry
Brock Porter (the villian)
Terry Benedict
Rosie (the kind-hearted saloon keeper)
Julia Ferreira
Lovlies (Rosie's lovely barmaids)
Beth Brideau
Lovlies (Rosie's lovely barmaids)
Elizabeth Pilcher
Emily Gayeski
Matthew Edwardsen
Bad Cat
Joseph Edwardsen
Mr. Baggs
Dan Ofsowitz
Rufus Plumbob
Alex Brideau
Clementine (the mule's head)
Patrick Barry
Celementine (the mule's tail)
Nicholas Gayeski
Jeanine Gayeski
Sheriff Goetzem
Maureen Barry
Christine Barry
Gladys Gladabout
Alexa Flaherty
The Swedish Nightengale
Tracy Dieck


Benjamin Edwardsen, Kevin Filger, Kathy Palokoff, Allyson Pilcher, Bradford Pilcher, Webster Pilcher


Production Crew
Carol Gayeski, Allyson Pilcher, Liz Scott
Alexa Flaherty
Costume Manager
Maureen Barry
Lighting Designer
Ted Benedict
Tracy Dieck, Kathy Palokoff
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