Spring 1987: A Trip to Remember (Children's Theatre)


Welcome aboard the S. S. Dreamboat! On this trip, you will meet a cast of strange passengers: the artist — Ms. Angelo, the mad scientist — Dr. DeMeteor, the fabulously rich E. Asterbilt, the kind Granny, the musical Madam Lichtenstein, and her wonderful kinder chorus. Your cruise crew are Captain Corcoran and his trusty first mate, Duzwell.

Oh yes, we forgot to tell you... there is an evil villain on board — LaRouche LaRue! And he's stealing everything in sight!

Fortunately, a brave boy Elmo and his monster friend, Harry, help sort out the mess with the able assistance of the fabulously brave (and modest) Sargent Getzum of the Royal Canadian Mounties.

Have a good cruise and welcome aboard for a fun-filled hour of music, dance and laughter.

This play is dedicated to Carol Tannenbaum who has shown all of us character and strength.

Directors: Maureen Barry, Kathy Palokoff
Music Director: Sally R. Martin
Producer: Maureen Barry


Captain Edward Corcoran, RN
Bob Weeks
Matthew Edwardsen
Ms. Angelo
Jeanine Gayeski
Dr. DeMeteor
Alex Brideau
E. Asterbilt
Laura McKenzie
LaRouche LaRue
Emily Gayeski
Carol Gayeski
Madam Lichtenstein
Rachel Weeks
Christina Barr
Kathleen Barry
Sargent Getzum
Michael Bellavia
Ta Kinder
Rebecca Searl
Ka Kinder
Christine Barry
Frau Kinder
Alexa Flaherty


Patrick Barry, Beth Brideau, Kate Brideau, Neil Brideau, Benjamin Edwardsen, Joseph Edwardsen, Nicholas Gayeski, Benjamin Giesy, Jonathan Giesy, Melissa Giesy, Cedar Pruitt, Colin Weeks


Costume Manager
Sarah Freeman
Lighting Designer
David Smith
Maureen Barry, Kathy Palokoff
Program Design
Maureen Barry, Kathy Palokoff, Margie Searl
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