Tania Ring

OMP Credits

Very Truly Yours, Gilbert & Sullivan (Spring 2008)
Production Crew
The Pirates of Penzance (Spring 2006)
Ruth (a pirate maid of all work)
Utopia, Limited (Fall 2005)
The Princess Nekaya
The Gondoliers (Spring 2005)
A Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas Carol (Winter 2004)
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Ditto)
Patience (Fall 2003)
Tania in Utopia, Limited 2005 — 'Nekaya', with Stefanie Brown, Penny Fram, and Paula Gullo — 'Kalyba' Tania in The Gondoliers 2005 — 'Giulia', with Joel Hume — 'Antonio' Tania in Patience 2003, with Ginette Richard, Laurel Schneiderman, and Kim McDonald Tania in Very Truly Yours, Gilbert & Sullivan 2008, with Patricia A. Montrois Tania in The Pirates of Penzance 2006 — 'Ruth'
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