Winter 2004: A Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas Carol


A Christmas Carol is one of the most resonant stories ever written in the English language, and its by-now-mythic tale of loss and redemption is to some degree affecting in every version ever done, from Mickey Mouse or the Muppets to the original book and, of course, in innumerable stage versions.

This play is no powerful psychodrama, but rather a light-hearted blending of two forms of Victorian storytelling which I love. Not a parody or a tongue-in-cheek knockoff, it's a festive holiday show with all the drama of the Dickens original and all the buoyant spirit of Gilbert & Sullivan — an excuse for a jolly old Christmas party in the best Victorian fashion.

After all, if there's one thing that Dickens stood for, and that Gilbert & Sullivan embodied, it's good, clean fun. Merry Christmas, everybody!"

Director: Jad Jordan
Music Director: Robert Blake


The Balladeer (A Wandering Minstrel)
Sarajane Fondiller
Pooh-Bah (Lord High Everything Else)
Terry Benedict
Ebenezer Scrooge (A Greedy Banker)
Ted Benedict
Bob Cratchit (Scrooge's Clerk)
Tracy Burdick
Tiny Tim Cratchit (Cratchit's Son)
Sarah Farr
Nephew Fred (Scrooge's Impoverished Nephew)
Stephen Gullo
Mr. Kindheart (A Philanthropist)
Joel Hume
Mr. Goodman (Another Philanthropist)
Edward Medina-Torres
The Ghost of Marley (A Former Greedy Banker)
Bill Hammond
Ghost of Samuel (A Piratical Visitation)
Chris Haller
Ghost of Christmas Past (A Spectral Visitation)
Kim McDonald
Ghost of Christmas Present (Another Spectral Visitation)
Micky Molongoski
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Ditto)
Tania Ring
Old Fezziwig (A Memory)
David Schafer
Mrs. Fezziwig (Wife of A Memory)
Suzanne Rath
Belle (Another Memory)
Holly Thérèse Corcoran
Young Scrooge (A Future Greedy Banker):
David Brown
Titus Burton (A Future Ungreedy Banker)
Sam Nelson
Young Marley (A Future Former Greedy Banker)
Stuart Beck
Dora Lincoln (Fred's Fiancee)
Suzanne Bell
Angelina (Dora's Friend)
Laurel Schneiderman
Peter Cratchit (Cratchit's Eldest Son)
Jared Steinmiller
Aunt Esther (Emily's Brother's Wife)
Lynette Blake
Belinda Cratchit (Cratchit's Daughter)
Stacy Homola
Uncle Tim Hazlitt (Emily's Brother)
Chris Brown
Emily Cratchit (Cratchit's Wife)
Paula Gullo
Grave Digger (a grave digger)
Bob Weeks
Jackie Cheapside (A Young Boy)
Ethan DePuy
The Narrator (a Jolly Old Soul)
Helen Haller


Christina Arden, Julia Ferreira, Penny Fram, Nancy Galletto, Amanda Kish, Patti Anne Montrois, Helen Moore, Kathy Moore, Marty Nott, Kelsey Schmid, Karin Staples


Suzanne Bell
Set Construction
Christopher Bazzie, Stuart Beck, Tracy Burdick, Penny Fram, Micky Molongoski, Kathy Moore, Fred Scipione
Costume Manager
Paula Gullo
Lighting Designer
Mike Molongoski

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