Winter 2008: A Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas Carol


The song "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" is not part of the script as written by Mr. Wren, and of course is not part of any G&S operetta. However, the version you will hear tonight is an arrangement by Sir Arthur Sullivan and as the theme of the song fits well with the story, we thought it would be an excellent opening to our show this Christmas Season.

Directors: Charles Palella, Albert Young Jr.
Music Director: Marcia Sheremeta
Producers: Carla Cogliandro, Amanda Lobaugh, Ken Vary


The Balladeer (A Wandering Minstrel)
Sarajane Fondiller
The Narrator (a Jolly Old Soul)
Fran Carlisi-Paxson
Ebenezer Scrooge (A Greedy Banker)
Bill Hammond
Bob Cratchit (Scrooge's Clerk)
Tracy Burdick
Tiny Tim Cratchit (Cratchit's Son)
Pamela Torrey
Nephew Fred (Scrooge's Impoverished Nephew)
Schuyler Kelley
Mrs. Kindheart
Barbara A. Dick
Mrs. Goodman
Suzanne Bell
The Ghost of Marley (A Former Greedy Banker)
Patrick Adams
Ghost of Christmas Past (A Spectral Visitation)
Carla Cogliandro
Ghost of Christmas Present (Another Spectral Visitation)
Karen Nail
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Ditto)
Helen Moore
Old Fezziwig (A Memory)
Paul Scheib
Mrs. Fezziwig (Wife of A Memory)
Kathy Moore
Belle (Another Memory)
Emily Sawdey
Young Scrooge (A Future Greedy Banker):
Waiton Farrell
Titus Burton (A Future Ungreedy Banker)
Byron Wilmot
Young Marley (A Future Former Greedy Banker)
Ben Hale
Dora Lincoln (Fred's Fiancee)
Megan Steron
Peter Cratchit (Cratchit's Eldest Son)
Marshall Kelley
Aunt Esther (Emily's Brother's Wife)
Patti Anne Montrois
Belinda Cratchit (Cratchit's Daughter)
Elizabeth Amato
Uncle Tim Hazlitt (Emily's Brother)
David Schafer
Emily Cratchit (Cratchit's Wife)
Tamara Kelley
Jackie Cheapside (A Young Boy)
Nicole Young


Sarajane Fondiller, Kurt Griffen, Don Kelley, Forrest Kelley, Amanda Kish, Melinda Laurin, Zachary Laurin, Patti Anne Montrois, Suzanne Rath, Bob Weeks


Charles Palella
Bridget Bishop
Marcia Sheremeta


Set Designer
Kelly Flegel
Costume Manager
Ben Hale
Lighting Designer
Chris Nimmick
Marty Nott
Program Design
Carrie Principe

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