Fall 2004: Princess Ida


Ida, the daughter of Don Gama de la Mexico has taken over Fort Adamant commanded by Colonel Hildebrand. All of the wives and daughters have joined Ida and thrown the men out. Will the Colonel's son get Ida to open the gate?

"Revision", "rethinking", and "revisal" are all terms used in much of today's musical theatre. With this production I encourage each of us to look at one of the lesser known Gilbert and Sullivan operas from a different angle. To use one of the terms stated, I would say that this production is a "rethinking." I have chosen to set the production during America's frontier "wild west" of the late 19th century. The people migrating to the west were independant souls, and besides being rather colorful, made their way outside the conventions of polite society. Ida's ideas and actions exhibit a spirit of independance that made me think of the western frontier. Ida has spunk! I put her alongside Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane and even Laura Ingalls-Wilder. As I have said to the cast and others, I only change the setting if I can maintain Gilbert's plot distinctions. In the case of Ida the castle becomes a fort, King Hildebrand, his son and court become a U.S. Cavalry outpost, and Princess Ida, her father and brothers come from Mexico. The choice of Mexico was made because of geography, a different culture and a society that still had titles, i.e. "Don" Gama.

I hope you enjoy this production and the opportunity it affords to "rethink" Princess Ida, with Gilbert's case distinctions intact.

Director: Brian Smith
Music Director: Edward Longhurst


Colonel Hildebrand
Jad Jordan
Captain Hilarion
Michael Hryhorenko
Corporal Florian
Bill Hammond
Don Gama de Mexico
Ted Benedict
Arac (a Mexican Bandito)
Edward Medina-Torres
Guron (a Mexican Bandito)
Stuart Beck
Scynthius (a Mexican Bandito)
Marty Nott
Susanna Adams
Widow Blanche
Cynthia Cuddeback
Miss Psyche
Anne Virgil
Amanda Kish
Paula Gullo
Rebekah Fram
Penny Fram


Terry Benedict, Laurie Brassie, Patti Anne Montrois, Sam Nelson, David Schafer, Laurel Schneiderman


Production Crew
Paula Gullo, Stephen Gullo, Amanda Lobaugh, Patti Anne Montrois
Amanda Lobaugh
Set Designer
David Schafer
Costume Managers
Penny Fram, Paula Gullo, Brian Smith
Lighting Designer
Mike Molongoski

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