Spring 2012: Princess Ida


Prince Hilarion has been waiting for this day for twenty years. He is about to meet the girl he was betrothed to as a baby. Unfortunately, this girl, Princess Ida, has decided that she does not want to honor the commitment and instead has gone off and started a women's college. In an attempt to woo her, Hilarion, and his friend's Cyril and Florian, are forced to dress up as maidens in order to sneak into the women's compound. Once the 'maidens' are in the compound, various girls attending the college discover the 'maidens' secret. These girls attempt to keep their knowledge secret, but eventually, Princess Ida discovers the intruders. After it looks like violence is sure to erupt, Ida finally relinquishes and agrees to marry Hilarion.

Director: Wayne Vander Byl
Music Director: Charles Palella
Choreography: Cady Walker
Producers: Suzanne Bell, Anne Vander Byl, Ken Vary, Sharon Walker


King Hildebrand
Ron Herman
Hilarion, Hildebrand's son
Andrew DenBleyker
Cyril, Hilarion's friend
Kurt Griffen
Florian, Hilarion's friend
Greg Wright
King Gama
Mark Figura
Arac, Gama's son
Edward Medina-Torres
Guron, Gama's son
Ben Hale
Princess Ida, Gama's daughter
Robin Morris-Gaylord
Lady Blanche, Professor of Abstract Science
Kathryn Wright
Lady Psyche, Professor of Humanities
Tae Smith
Melissa, Lady Blanche's daughter
Kara Aymerich
Suzanne Bell
Audrone Gecas
Laurel Schneiderman
Scynthius, Gama's son
Michael Peterson


Linda Allen, Christina Arden, Terry Benedict, Sharon Brugger, Zarha Dillon-Zuppelli, Sarajane Fondiller, Bill Hammond, Don Kelley, Forrest Kelley, Marshall Kelley, Schuyler Kelley, Tamara Kelley, Melinda Laurin, Zachary Laurin, Larissa Myhowych, David Odgers, Maureen Odgers, Martin Schneiderman, Marti St. George, Bob Walker, Cady Walker, Sharon Walker, Tabitha Walker


Tom Lange, Paul Towsley
Glenn Estey, Stephen Lurie
Debbie Deane, Donna Mero
Erin Noble
Marcia Sheremeta
Kathleen Holt, Heather Watras
Eriks Zurovskis
Donna Mero
Margaret Compton
Michelle Kellaway


Gail Harmston, George Harmston
Set Construction
Tracy Burdick, Jesse Burdick-Pless, Zarha Dillon-Zuppelli, Bill Hammond, Don Kelley, Forrest Kelley, Marshall Kelley, Melinda Laurin, Zachary Laurin, Robin Morris-Gaylord, David Odgers, Tae Smith, Wayne Vander Byl, Kathryn Wright, Albert Young Jr.
Costume Construction
Linda Allen, Christina Arden, Zarha Dillon-Zuppelli, Mark Figura, Audrone Gecas, Ben Hale, Forrest Kelley, Marshall Kelley, Melinda Laurin, Maryanne Lettis, Maureen Odgers, Tae Smith, Anne Vander Byl, Byron Wilmot
Lighting Designer
David Odgers
Lighting Operator
Adrian Vander Byl
David Odgers
Suzanne Bell, Marty Nott, David Raymond
Program Design
Suzanne Bell, Mark Figura, Mary Osgood, Byron Wilmot
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