Ron Herman

Current member of the OMP Revue Group.

OMP Credits

The Zoo (Winter 2023)
Aesculapius Carboy
A Victorian Valentine (Winter 2015)
Second Man
Princess Ida (Spring 2012)
King Hildebrand
Very Truly Yours, Gilbert & Sullivan (Spring 2008)
The Gondoliers (Spring 2005)
Marco Palmieri
Iolanthe (Spring 2004)
The Pirates of Penzance (Fall 2000)
Frederic (the Pirate Apprentice)
The Sorcerer (Fall 1999)
Alexis Pointdextre
Utopia, Limited (Fall 1998)
The Gondoliers (Spring 1998)
Marco Palmieri
Iolanthe (Fall 1996)
Lord Tolloller
The Mikado (Spring 1995)
House Manager
The Zoo (Fall 1994)
Aesculapius Carboy
The Pirates of Penzance (Spring 1994)
The Grand Duke (Fall 1992)
House Manager
The Gondoliers (Spring 1992)
Marco Palmieri
Princess Ida (Fall 1990)
Hilarion, Hildebrand's son
Utopia, Limited (Fall 1989)
Lord Dramaleigh, a British Lord Chamberlain
The Mikado (Spring 1989)
The Yeomen of the Guard (Fall 1988)
Colonel Fairfax
God's Greatest Hits (Spring 1988)
Music Director
The Sorcerer (Fall 1987)
Ruddigore (Spring 1987)
Richard Dauntless
The Gondoliers (Fall 1986)
Ron in The Gondoliers 1998 — 'Marco', with Kathy Perconti — 'Gianetta' Ron in The Mikado 1989 — 'Nanki-Poo' with Patricia A. Montrois Ron in The Pirates of Penzance 2000 — 'Frederic', with Cynthia Cuddeback — 'Ruth' Ron in The Sorcerer 1999 — 'Alexis', with Beth Holliday — 'Aline' Ron in The Yeomen of the Guard 1988 — 'Colonel Fairfax', with Anne Virgil — 'Elsie Maynard' Ron in The Yeomen of the Guard 2009 — 'Leonard Meryll' Ron in Iolanthe 2004 — 'Strephon', with Sarajane Fondiller — 'Iolanthe' Ron in The Gondoliers 1992 — 'Marco', with Brian Smith — 'Giuseppe'
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