Fall 1988: The Yeomen of the Guard


The operetta takes place in the Tower of London during the reign of King Henry VIII. At the start, the gentleman Colonel Fairfax is wrongly accused of sorcery and sentenced to death within the hour. Fairfax hatches a plan to avoid letting his estate fall into the hands of his scheming cousin (incidentally, his accuser) by secretly marrying Elsie Maynard, a strolling singer. She agrees to be blindfolded during the ceremony and expects to be a wealthy widow upon Fairfax's imminent demise, leaving her free to marry her lover, the jester Jack Point. However, Fairfax miraculously escapes his fate and chaos ensues.

Director: Brian Smith
Music Director: Gordon Bastian
Producers: David B. Averbach, Julia Ferreira


Phoebe Meryll
Edie Stewart
Wilfred Shadbolt
Buck Stein
Second Yeoman
Byron Wilmot
Dame Carruthers
Patricia Alexander
Sergeant Meryll
David Schafer
Leonard Meryll
David B. Averbach
Lieutenant Cholmondely
David Raymond
Colonel Fairfax
Ron Herman
Jack Point
Bill Hammond
Elsie Maynard
Anne Virgil
First Citizen
Bob Weeks
Second Citizen
John Cieslinski
First Yeoman
David B. Averbach
Marcy Long


Ted Benedict, Terry Benedict, Peter Dunbar, John A. Ejaife, Alan Evans, Julia Ferreira, Niels Haun, Debi Hirsch, Kathy Kriese, Maryanne Lettis, Pete Magee, John McCrank, Molly Moore, Kathy Palokoff, Mary Ann Rouse, Scot Zaffora-Reeder, Mary Zwierzynski-Slack


House Managers
Christine Dettman, Julie Wiedman
Set Designers
David B. Averbach, Brian Smith
Costume Manager
Sarah Freeman
Lighting Designer
David Smith
David Schafer
Program Design
Julia Ferreira, Sarah Freeman, Bill Hammond, Bob Weeks

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