Fall 1994: The Zoo


Gilbert and Sullivan's first collaboration, Thespis, ran for barely a month in 1872 and then vanished. The two parted company for a time, teaming up again three years later when a one-act operetta was needed to round out a program featuring Offenbach's La Perichole. This musical dessert was Trial By Jury, and it soon proved more popular than the main course. Sullivan and Rowe's The Zoo, written to follow a play by Gilbert, opened at another theatre three months later and was clearly an attempt to capitalize on the success of Trial. It never achieved the same popularity and all but disappeared until 1966, when the musical score surfaced at an auction at Southby's. In both operas, Sullivan's spirited music makes deft allusions to the conventions — and pretensions — of Grand Opera. And, as there is no spoken dialogue in either show, it's an evening of wall-to-wall Sullivan.

Director: Byron Wilmot
Music Director: Leanne DeVane
Producer: Bob Weeks


Aesculapius Carboy
Ron Herman
Eliza Smith
Pamela Good
Thomas Brown (the Duke of Islington)
Bill Hammond
Anne Virgil
Laetitia's Sister
Amanda Lobaugh
Mr. Grinder
David Schafer


Scott Baros, Terry Benedict, Lynette Blake, Tracy Burdick, Richard Burns, Jim Caffrey, Eileen D'Esterno, Christine Dettman, Peter Dunbar, Julia Ferreira, Nancy Galletto, Stephen Gullo, Isabele Henry, Lindsay Holmes, Cathy Lazaroff, Jamie Loehr, Mary Lyubomirsky, Linda Minier, Patti Anne Montrois, Jean Gordon Ryon, Bob Weeks, Sarah Zaffora-Reeder, Scot Zaffora-Reeder


House Manager
Jordu Kelly-Sutliff
Stage Manager
Robert Ciaccia
Bodie McCaffrey
Costume Manager
Maryanne Lettis
Lighting Designer
Michele Denber
Program Design
Sarah Freeman

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