Spring 2001: The Zoo


The Zoo takes place in London's Zoological Gardens. Modest young chemist, Æsculapius Carboy, desolate because he may not marry Laetitia, daughter of the heartless greengrocer, Mr. Grinder, is determined to hang himself. Kindly, high-minded Eliza Smith, proprietress of the Refreshment Stand, dissuades him. She, meanwhile, is being courted by Thomas Brown, who proves his love by eating a vast quantity of food from Eliza's Stand. He passes out and as the crowd tries to revive him, they discover that he is the Duke of Islington in disguise.

Mr. Grinder arrives at the Zoo and again rejects Carboy's suit, despite Laetitia's pleas, and Carboy again prepares to kill himself — this time by climbing down into the bear pit. But the Duke of Islington, now in full regalia, saves the day and proves that, at least in operetta, money can buy happiness.

Director: Ted Benedict
Assistant Director: Julia Ferreira
Music Director: Susanna Adams
Producer: David Odgers


Aesculapius Carboy
Jeffrey Miller
Sheila Sullivan Buck
Thomas Brown (the Duke of Islington)
Paul Hughes
Eliza Smith
Sarajane Fondiller
Mr. Grinder
Stuart Beck


Christopher Adams, Terry Badger, Terry Benedict, Deb Bower, Tracy Burdick, Derek Corbett, Lilah Crews-Pless, Cynthia Cuddeback, Mary Elizabeth Franchi, Julia Ferreira, Penny Fram, Rebekah Fram, Nancy Galletto, Paula Gullo, Stephen Gullo, Amanda Lobaugh, David Odgers, Jennifer Odgers, Maureen Odgers, Adam Rath, Suzanne Rath, Alex Richardson, Laurel Schneiderman, Sean Taylor, Scott Wagner, Adrienne Lynn West, Byron Wilmot


House Managers
Bill Hammond, Anne Virgil
Bodie McCaffrey
Set Construction
Tracy Burdick
Costume Managers
Maryanne Lettis, Naomi Pless
Lighting Designer
Michele Denber
Troy Wilhelm
Program Design
Kim Craft, Julia Ferreira, David Odgers, Scott Wagner

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