Pamela Good

OMP Credits

The Sorcerer (Fall 2014)
The Great Choruses of Gilbert & Sullivan (Spring 2008)
The Gondoliers (Spring 2005)
Assistant Director
Thespis (Spring 2002)
Diana, Goddess of the Moon, Aged Deity
The Sorcerer (Fall 1999)
Lady Sangazure
The Gondoliers (Spring 1998)
The Duchess of Plaza Toro
Princess Ida (Fall 1997)
Lady Blanche, Professor of Abstract Science
Iolanthe (Fall 1996)
Queen of the Fairies
Patience (Spring 1996)
Patience, A Waitress
The Yeomen of the Guard (Fall 1995)
Dame Carruthers
The Mikado (Spring 1995)
The Zoo (Fall 1994)
Eliza Smith
Trial by Jury (Fall 1994)
The Pirates of Penzance (Spring 1994)
Ruddigore (Spring 1993)
Mad Margaret
The Grand Duke (Fall 1992)
Baroness Caroline von Krakenfeldt
The Gondoliers (Spring 1992)
The Duchess of Plaza Toro
H.M.S. Pinafore (Fall 1991)
Little Buttercup
Iolanthe (Spring 1991)
Princess Ida (Fall 1990)
Utopia, Limited (Fall 1989)
The Lady Sophy, English Gouvernante
Pamela in The Mikado 1995 — 'Katisha' Pamela in The Gondoliers 1998 — 'The Duchess of Plaza-Toro' Pamela in HMS Pinafore 1991 — 'Little Buttercup' Pamela in The Sorcerer 1999 — 'Lady Sangazure' Pamela in Thespis 2002 — 'Diana', with Brian Smith — 'Apollo', James Caffrey — 'Mars', and Jimmie B Lobaugh — 'Jupiter' Pamela in The Gondoliers 1998 — 'The Duchess of Plaza-Toro' Pamela in Ruddigore 1993 — 'Mad Margaret' Pamela in Patience ... The Beat Goes On 1996 — 'Patience' Pamela in Princess Ida 1997 — 'Lady Blanche'
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