Spring 1994: The Pirates of Penzance


Can a young man escape his terrible fate and win the love a beautiful girl? That depends on the Pirate king (and his band), an elderly nursemaid, a Major General (the very model of) and his daughters, and a band of bumbling policemen. Come see Gilbert and Sullivan's comic operetta The Pirates of Penzance, and find out the answer.

Director: Brian Smith
Assistant Director: Jean Gordon Ryon
Music Director: Leanne DeVane
Assistant Music Director: Molly Moore
Producers: Robert Ciaccia, Christine Dettman


Samuel (the Pirate King's lieutenant)
Bill Hammond
The Pirate King
Jimmie B Lobaugh
Frederic (the Pirate Apprentice)
Brad Peloquin
Ruth (a pirate maid of all work)
Patricia Alexander
Barbara A. Dick
Pamela Good
Lynette Blake
Susanna Adams
Major-General Stanley
Jim Caffrey
Sergeant of Police
David Schafer
Queen Victoria
Christine Dettman


Jennifer Barclay, Scott Baros, Ted Benedict, Terry Benedict, Bill Brewer, Tracy Burdick, Fran Carlisi-Paxson, Bob Caroccio, Peter Dunbar, John A. Ejaife, Mike Ellsworth, Julia Ferreira, Nancy Galletto, Ron Herman, Jordu Kelly-Sutliff, Amanda Lobaugh, Jamie Loehr, Mary Lyubomirsky, Angela Maloney, Mary Carol Maloney, John McCrank, Wende McNaney, Michelle Meminger, Linda Minier, Patti Anne Montrois, Sam Nelson, Rebecca Paul, Jean Gordon Ryon, David Schafer, Jerry Scrivens, Joseph T. Washington, Bob Weeks, Byron Wilmot, Mary Zwierzynski-Slack


Tracy Burdick
Leanne DeVane


House Managers
Marcy Long, Anne Virgil
Bodie McCaffrey
Set Designer
Nicolas Ricketts
Costume Manager
Sue Leurgans
Lighting Designer
Michele Denber
Program Design
Nicolas Ricketts, Bob Weeks

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