Wayne Vander Byl

OMP Toaster Award Recipient: 2018

OMP Credits

Iolanthe (Spring 2023)
Private Willis (of the Grenadier Guards)
The Pirates of Penzance (Fall 2022)
Sergeant of Police
Ruddigore (Fall 2019)
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd
Iolanthe (Fall 2018)
Set Construction
The Lord Chancellor
Thespis (Spring 2018)
Jupiter, King of the Gods, Aged Deity
The Mikado (Fall 2017)
Set Design
Patience (Spring 2017)
Trial by Jury (Winter 2017)
Music Director
Set Design
Set Construction
The Pirates of Penzance (Fall 2016)
H.M.S. Pinafore (Spring 2016)
Bob Becket (Carpenter's Mate)
Creatures of Impulse (Winter 2016)
Sergeant Klooque
A Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas Carol (Fall 2015)
Ebenezer Scrooge (A Greedy Banker)
The Yeomen of the Guard (Spring 2015)
Set Design
Sir Richard Cholmondely
Ruddigore (Spring 2014)
Set Design
The Pirates of Penzance (Fall 2013)
Set Design
Major-General Stanley
The Gondoliers (Fall 2012)
Set Construction
Princess Ida (Spring 2012)
Set Construction
The Mikado (Fall 2011)
Set Construction
Iolanthe (Spring 2011)
Private Willis (of the Grenadier Guards)
The Grand Duke (Fall 2010)
Grand Duke Rudolph of Pfennig Halbpfennig
Patience (Spring 2010)
Trial by Judy (Fall 2009)
The Zoo (Fall 2009)
Mr. Grinder
The Yeomen of the Guard (Spring 2009)
Wilfred Shadbolt
H.M.S. Pinafore (Fall 2008)
The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter, K. C. B.
Very Truly Yours, Gilbert & Sullivan (Spring 2008)
Ruddigore (Fall 2006)
Sir Rupert Murgatroyd
The Pirates of Penzance (Spring 2006)
Wayne in HMS Pinafore 2008 — 'Sir Joseph', with Greg Wright — 'Ralph Rackstraw' Wayne in The Pirates of Penzance 2006 Wayne in Very Truly Yours, Gilbert & Sullivan 2008 Wayne in The Yeomen of the Guard 2009 — 'Wilfred Shadbolt', with Holly T. Corcoran — 'Phoebe Meryll' Wayne in The Zoo 2009 — 'Grinder'
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