Spring 2016: H.M.S. Pinafore


May 13, 2016, 8 p.m.

May 14, 2016, 8 p.m.

May 15, 2016, 2 p.m.

May 20, 2016, 8 p.m.

May 21, 2016, 8 p.m.

May 22, 2016, 2 p.m.

All performances held at Salem United Church of Christ.


While the H.M.S Pinafore is anchored at Portsmouth, Little Buttercup, a bumboat woman, tries to sell her goods to the sailors. It is soon revealed that one of the sailors, Ralph Rackstraw, is hopelessly in love with the Captain's daughter, Josephine. She however, is betrothed to the wealthy Sir Joseph Porter. Nevertheless, Josephine expresses her love for Ralph and wants to elope-scandalous due to their class differences. Meanwhile, Buttercup has fallen in love with the Captain, but he cannot return her love because of their difference in status. In the end, it is revealed that the Captain and Ralph had accidentally been exchanged at birth. Thus, the Captain can now marry Buttercup and Ralph can marry Josephine.

Director: Amanda Lobaugh
Music Director: Marcia Sheremeta
Producers: James Eckert, Katie Garver, Laura Isabella, Devon Woodward


The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter, K. C. B.
Bill Hammond
Captain Edward Corcoran, RN
Edward Medina-Torres
Ralph Rackstraw
Nicholas Bernard
Dick Deadeye
Christopher Garver
Bob Becket (Carpenter's Mate)
Wayne Vander Byl
Bill Bobstay (Boatswain's Mate)
James Eckert
Emily Mills Woodruff
Hebe, Sir Joseph's Cousin
Julia Natoli
Little Buttercup
Katie Garver


B.J. Atwater, Terry Benedict, Jennifer Bulman, Kristin Dusett, George Harmston, Laura Isabella, Ellen Karnisky, Don Kelley, Tamara Kelley, Jordu Kelly-Sutliff, Rebecca Kingman, Seth Logar, Aaryn Miller, Larissa Myhowych, Charles Palella, David Raymond, Laurel Schneiderman, Martin Schneiderman, Mamie Smith, Loryn Sutliff, Christa Vanderkamp, Cady Walker, Sharon Walker, Kasim Wallace, Devon Woodward, Albert Young Jr., Velta Zadins


Craig Mullen
Stephen Lurie
Debbie Deane, Donna Mero
Marcia Sheremeta
Kathleen Holt
Steven L. Smith
John Engstrom, Leslie MacDonald


Amanda Lobaugh
Set Designer
Albert Young Jr.
Costume Managers
Ben Hale, Amanda Lobaugh
Lighting Designer
David Odgers
ASL Interpreters
Chris Coles, Kathy Tarello

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